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Sponsoring by getDigital

We´re very happy to be able to sponsor loads of blogs, events, groups and much more every month! You would also like us to support you? No problem! Click on the button that suits you most:

Sponsoring FAQ:

Who can be sponsored by us?

We consider ourselves a part of the geek scene and therefore we´re interested in all kinds of geeky stuff: LAN Parties, Programming Competitions, Blogs, Barcamps, Fantasy- or Anime Conventions and much more that is related to these topics. From time to time, we also make exceptions when they´re worth it, e.g., we´ve already sponsored some kids´ parties although they had nothing to do with the geek topic at all. In case of doubt, simply fill out one of the forms above, we promise to respond to all inquiries.

I´m neither a Blogger nor am I planning on an event. Will I still be considered?

No problem! Please, simply write an email to sponsoring@getdigital.de and then we´ll see what can be done for you. Please make sure to explain your matter to us sententiously for we do get oodles of inquiries and have to make our decisions within a short time.

How long will I have to wait for an answer?

Please give us about one week.

Why was my request rejected?

We get loads of inquiries everyday and unfortunately, we can not accept them all; we have to make a selection. Please don´t take it amiss when your request has not been answered positively. We won´t modify our decisions once they´re made. Please abstain from requesting for this leads to nothing, sorry.

I´ve got a Youtube Channel and I would like to test one of your products. Is that possible?

Generally speaking: yes, but there´s one requirement: We only sponsor Youtube Channels that have 1000 subscribers or more. If you satisfy this requirement, we´ll be happy to hear from you. Please write an e-mail to sponsoring@getdigital.de.