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Wall Climbing Car

This remote controlled car can drive on the ceiling or the wall.

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  • Car has an included battery, which is charged at the remote control
  • Creates a vacuum that enables the car to attach itself to flat surfaces.
  • Remote controlled car, which can drive on the ceiling or on the wall

No, we did not make a mistake with the product picture: This remote controlled car can really drive on the ceiling or the wall, just as if it is not affected by gravity.

The Wall Climbing Car achieves this stunning effect by creating a vacuum underneath it, through which it can literally suck to all flat surfaces. That makes it possible to drive the car on windows, walls or even the ceiling. The car comes with a infrared remote control, which can be used to control and to charge the car. As an additional feature, the car has 4 LED headlamps, which are illuminated according to the direction the car moves.

The remote control needs 6 AA batteries (not included), the car itself does not need extra batteries, it has a built-in rechargeable battery, which can be charged by connecting the car to the remote control. You can use up to three cars simultaneously by changing the infrared channel.

Please note: The car shown in the video is the older version - we'll ship the new one shown in the pictures.

Technical details

  • Dimensions : Car: 11*5*6cm, Fernbedienung: 14x14x4cm
  • Required Batteries : 6 * AA (not included)
  • Power supply : Remote control: Batteries, Car: By internal battery, charged with the remote control