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USB Yoda

USB Yoda reacts to motion in his near with the typical Yoda talk and lightened saber.

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  • Protects your desk from the dark side.
  • Reacts to motion in his near with typical Yoda-talk and lightened saber.

The dark side wants to take over your desktop? It steals your last pens or looks at your new sourcecode every time you leave your office?
Do not accept that any more! USB Yoda will help you to protect your desktop and defend it from the dark side with smart words and by illuminating his lightsabre.

He is connected to you computer by USB and has a motion detector (approx 1m far). He defends your desk by lighting his lightsabre and saying one of his six smart sentences in his distinctive Yoda-grammar:

In the end, cowards are those who follow the dark side!
A disturbance in the force there is!
Retreat! Cover you I will!
Still much to learn you have!
So certain of defeat are you, hmmm?
Rush not into fight, long is the war. Only by surviving it will you prevail!

If your coworkers are jumpy you can turn off the sound and trust in the force of the sword.

USB Yoda has a very thin 1,5m long USB cable. He is 22,5 cm high and his base has a diameter of 10cm.

Technical details

  • Dimensions : 22,5x10x10cm
  • Power supply : by USB
  • Length of Cable : 1,5m

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