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USB Hologram

USB-operated hologram with an eye that is once opened and once closed.

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  • Fascinating holographic depiction of an opened eye which will be closed when looked at from the side.
  • The hologram is only visible when supplied with power via USB.

The all-seeing Eye of Providence in this USB Hologram is observing you… and it sees everything – even things you don't want anyone to see! (OK, there isn’t actually a camera, so don't worry!)

The USB Hologram displays a perspectively correct 3-dimensional picture of an eye situated in a pyramid (that you might notice bears some resemblance to the alleged symbol of the Illuminati!) But that's not all: When you look at the eye from the centre – it's open; but when you look at it from the side – it's closed! How cool is that?

How is this achieved? This image is a laser-transmission hologram, which is extraordinarily bright and sharp. It is illuminated by a LED-based light source integrated in the case. You only have to attach the USB plug into a free USB port of your computer and immediately the hologram will become visible. And if it ever begins to creep you out, just pull the plug and the eye will "disappear"!

You could say that USB Hologram is a real "eye-catcher"! A word of warning though: As this is so cool, if you place this on your desk you might find yourself looking at it again and again… (and again!)… meaning you might have to stay late at work to catch up!

By the way, the USB Holograms are produced by hand (with a lot of loving attention to detail) in Germany by the noted physicist, Jörg Schweer.

Check out Here to read more about transmission holograms.

Technical details

  • Dimensions : 9cm x 8cm x 12cm
  • Power supply : by USB
  • Dimensions : size of hologram: 5,5 x 5,5cm
  • Operating System : plug&play, no installation required