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USB Car Adapter

Charges all your USB-devices on the go via the cigarette lighter.

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  • Small-sized USB jack for you car's cigarette lighter.
  • Charges your USB devices on the way like e.g. digital camera, MP3-player or cell phone.

Cell phones, cameras and MP3 players all tend to have the rather disagreeable habit of conking out due to flat batteries – and always just at that moment when you're on the go and its charger is… yep, at home! Drat!

We've all suffered from that (totally unfair) unwritten law that always chucks us right into the worst case scenario, haven't we? You know the one: You just GOTTA get that last photo… but oh no! Or you just need to make that one last call (just this last one, honest!)… But oh no – that's it! You're not contactable now for hours... We're not even sure which is worse!

But fret no longer, for let us lend you a charging hand! With the USB Car Adapter you can instantly make a "USB-jack" out of your car's cigarette lighter and easily (and oh-so happily, we’d guess!) charge your electronic devices.

This small, high-value adapter simply plugs neatly und firm into the cigarette lighter socket. Heads up though: You'll also need a USB cable (not included) to connect with your phone, camera or whatever is low on battery (up to 12V), and then let the charging commence :)

Of course, the USB Car Adapter works not only in cars but also in boats, campers, busses and trucks – in any vehicle where a cigarette lighter can be found.

Equip yourself with the USB Car Adapter and guard yourself against unexpected, unwanted and potentially disastrous battery juice supply shortages… and never scream those awful words again: "Arrrrrggh! My batteeeeryyyyy!!!"

Technical details

  • Capacity : input voltage: 11-16VDC | output voltage: 5.0+/-0.25V | output current: 1000mA
  • Weight : 10g
  • Dimensions : 4cm x 2,5cm