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Small robot with 3 function modes and optional remote control via Smart- or IPhone.

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  • Small robot with 3 different function modi: 1. autonomous navigation and obstacle avoidance, 2. free roam, light and sound, 3. steering via remote control.
  • For steering via remote control, a Smartphone, IPhone, IPod Touch or IPad is neccessary, as well as installing the matching app (for free).
  • Rechargeable via USB.

Got some downtime in your office with nothing to do (or your boss is away^^)?
Knocking-off time still seems to be light-years away and the clock hands barely want to move? Got nothing much to do during lunch-breaks?

Then get ready for a real fun-time gadget: the Tankbot!

The Tankbot is a small, lunar vehicle-like robot with chain wheels which comes with flashing eyes (which make the bot look eerily alive, and looks really impressive in the dark). Charge the Tankbot for a short time via USB on your computer, and let the fun begin – everything you need is included in the package!

The Tankbot has 3 different function modes.

- Mode 1: Autonomous obstacle avoidance and maze nagivation.
- Mode 2: Free roam, light and sound.
- Mode 3: Steering via remote control.

To use Mode 3, you'll need a Smartphone, an iPhone, iPod Touch or an iPad.
Install the matching App for free (for Apple or for Android), plug in the headphone jack the included optical sensor and your mobile remote control is ready to go :) The Tankbot then executes commands entered via the remote control: forward, backwards, turn left, turn right and stop.

On its little chain wheels the Tankbot can reach a stunning speed of 1 foot per second – so you'll be able to arrange exciting racing duels around the office chairs with your workmates, or stage thrilling robot fights on the desks!

We offer the Tankbot in four different colours. Which one you'll get, that is luck of the draw. Each Tankbot comes with short instructions in English.

How about going for several Tankbots? Then you’ll be sure that you and your workmates will be prepared for the next round of office downtime!

Some notes regarding the compatibility:

- Compatible are iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad with IOS 4.0 and above.
- Compatible with Android devices (2.1 and up)

Technical details

  • Dimensions : Tankbot: app. 5cm x 6cm x 5,5cm, optical sensor: app. 5cm x 2,5cm
  • Storage capacity : 40 minutes recharge equals 15 minutes of play, internal battery is rechargeable via USB
  • age recommendation : from the age of 8 up
  • Material : plastics
  • Required Batteries : optical sensor: 3 button cells (included)