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System to locate lost items in a distance of up to 25m.

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  • With eye for the bunch of keys.
  • System to locate lost items.
  • Available as a two-part system or with four receivers.
  • Manages a distance of up to 25m, even through walls and floors.

Do you often lose your keys or some other important items?
Then you need the SmartFinder to make that a thing of the past.

The SmartFinder comes in a set which includes a transmitter and a receiver. Both pieces have an eye and a double-faced adhesive strip on the back side so that you can stick them to whatever you want, such as your bunch of keys. If you lose your keys, just press the transmitter button, sending a radio signal to the receiver. In a few seconds the receiver will produce a 85 decibel sound, making it child’s play to find your missing item.

This two-part system is also available in a bigger version: the SmartFinder 4 in 1 that has four receivers and one transmitter with four buttons. It works just as the smaller version but each receiver has its own tune to make it recognizable. The receivers have adhesives strips, too and the transmitter can be attached to the fridge for example with a suction cup.

The SmartFinder's transmitter can locate and activate the receiver through walls and floors up to a distance of 25m. Batteries, an A27s and coin cells, are included. When it’s time to replace them, the SmartFinder will warn you with a beep tone.

By the way, take a look at the Loc8tor for a more complex but less chunky system for locating lost items.

Technical details

  • Dimensions : Each 4x4x0,8cm
  • Power supply : By battery
  • Required Batteries : 1 * A27S and 1 * CR2032 / 4*CR2032 (already included)