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Shower Curtain Pi

High quality shower curtain for geeks with the number Pi on it.

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  • Geeky Shower Curtain with the imprint of the number Pi.

Your living room is full maths books, formularies and loads of pocket calculators. Most likely, you also possess a Pi Poster and a maths clock as well as other things that let everyone know a real (and proud!) maths freak lives here.

But when it comes to your bathroom, all you can see are… white tiles, a lonely toothbrush cup, more white tiles, and a totally boring old shower curtain! No, we didn't visit your house and check while you were out – we just know :)

Yet this sad state of affairs needn't be like this! With our Shower Curtain Pi you can add some cool and unique style to your bathroom with almost no work involved.

Using this shower curtain, you bathroom will reflect your arithmetical passion, and you can also learn something! After a few times showering behind the Shower Curtain Pi, you will be amazed how many decimal places of this important number you'll get to know by heart. And this is way better than being so bored that you end up reading the instructions on the shampoo bottle! No, we didn't visit you while you were showering – we just know!

For a brighter and happier bathroom experience, go for the Shower Curtain Pi and add an individual and geeky touch to your bathroom so it won't have to suffer its poor geekless existence any longer!

Technical details

  • Material : 100% polyester
  • Dimensions : Width: 180cm Height: 200cm

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