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Self Stirring Mug

This mug with propeller stirs coffee for you at the push of a button.

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  • This mug stirs coffee automatically.
  • A propeller in the mug can be activated at the push of a button.
  • Thermal mug with lid.

When it comes to cooking and being in the kitchen, would you rather be… well, anywhere else?! Then the Self Stirring Mug is just the thing for you!

This very clever thermal mug, made of aluminium and plastic, actually stirs your cappuccino, your latte, your hot chocolate etc. for you – meaning not only less effort required and no teaspoon to wash, but also you’ll never get clumpy hot chocolate again!

How does it work? There’s a motor that drives a propeller at the bottom of the mug. This propeller, though very small and quiet, still manages to produce an amazing swirl inside the cup and stir your drink to perfection. To operate the propeller, you need only to press the yellow button on the handle of the Self Stirring Mug.

Not only are your drinks stirred perfectly, they’ll also stay piping hot, as the Self Stirring Mug comes with a thermal lid. The lid has an effective rubber seal, an opening for drinking, as well as an air hole to allow you to drink properly.

Sounds too good to be true…? Well, almost – there is one small catch: Due to the electronics, the mug cannot be used with microwaves or dishwashers. So you have to decide: do the stirring of your drinks yourself or do the dishes yourself! But we know what true geeks would choose…

Technical details

  • Dimensions : 11,5x9cm
  • Power supply : By battery
  • Required Batteries : 2 * AAA (not included)
  • Storage capacity : 325mL