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Robo Keys Cover

Good bye key chaos: The cute robot faces make your keys unmistakable.

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  • Cute Robot faces instead of key chaos.
  • Make your most important keys unmistakable.

As is well known, geeks and nerds are good at everything associated with computers and can navigate the Internet without any effort, but they have some problems to orientate in real life: "In which cupboard did I store the dish? In which direction is the next supermarket? And which key is the right one for my flat and which one opens the server room?"

Indeed, too many keys on a keyring are troublesome for non-geeks, too. These tiny metal things just look too similar. Now, though, it's the similarity you can change: With Robo Keys, you can give your most important keys an unmistakable and at the same time very geeky look.
A Robo Key is a small cover made of vulcanized rubber, which you can put over the bow of a key (maximum size: 2x2cm), while the blade of the key remains uncovered and usable. In the Robo Keys Cover you find a small hole at the right place for pulling the keychain through the key and the cover at the same time. In this way, you don't have to be afraid of losing the key because it fell out of the cover.

And what, you ask, is the geeky part in this? The Robo Keys Covers have the shape of cute robot faces. One package contains two faces, one in red and one in black.
So you just have to decide: The black one for the server room and the red one for the flat or the other way round?

Technical details

  • Dimensions : 4x3cm (2x2cm space for the key)