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Notebook Skin

Three different pictures give your notebook an individual look.

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  • The Notebook Skin gives your laptop an individual look and prevents the case from being damaged.
  • Three different pictures available.

Are you and your notebook pretty much an inseparable team? Wherever you go, does your portable buddy go with you? Sometimes you even wish you could "dress" it up somehow to make it look different from all the other notebooks – to make it (her… him?!) look as individual as you do, right?

Your wish is our command! We have the perfect solution:

With a Notebook Skin, you can give your notebook an individual look in the twinkling of an eye.

How does it work? Very easy: Simply cut the foil to the size you wish, peel off the protection strip on the back, and stick the foil onto the lid of your notebook. Simple as that!

We offer 3 different pictures:

- Bluescreen
It's so %^!*ing annoying when Windows crashes and this screen appears... but as a notebook's decoration, it's a funny gag and a real eye-catcher.

- Longcat
Suitable for all cat lovers, especially those who adore the longest cat in the whole world!

- C64
This picture of the old Commodore 64 start screen is sure to tempt retro fans.

The Notebook Skin consists of a thick foil, which means that the top of your notebook will be protected from scratches, dirt and minor knocks. If you ever decide to remove the skin one day, you can do this without leaving any sticky residue, so the lid will look as good as the day you bought your notebook.

Why not take off the skin and maybe swap it for another one? It's even possible to stick the old skin onto another notebook (although the adhesion will decrease over time when removed and applied too often).

Don't let your notebook look like everyone else's mass product! Give it the true individuality it deserves by sticking a Notebook Skin onto it.

By the way, if you love your notebook that much, you might like to hang out together in "matching clothes": Check out our matching shirts Bluescreen,Longcat and C64 :-)

Technical details

  • Material : plastic foil
  • Dimensions : The flexible foil can be cut to a custom fit for any notebooks from 10.6" to 15.4".

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