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NVISIBLE Security Glasses

These glasses prevent your face from being scanned by Google Glasses.

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  • If Google Glasses are detected, the lenses of the NVISIBLE Security Glasses will be tinted immediately so that no face identification can be carried out.
  • Within a radius of 20m, these glasses recognize if someone wears the so called 'Google Glasses'.

Google is just about to release its data glasses "Project Glass" - one of the most controversially discussed technical inventions in terms of data security and privacy.

Imagine the following situation: You're ambling down the streets when suddenly an annoying guy starts talking to you, telling you he is one of your Facebook friends. You remember him as one of the guys you only added to avoid being impolite. Actually, he shouldn't even have recognized you, but he's wearing those new Google Glasses, and they surely have. Great, now he's chewing your ear off.. what a nice day!

Or even worse: You're on a far off date with, well, let's call her your second lady friend, and someone you don't know sees you. No problem? What's more important is, that his Google Glasses recognize you, matched you with your Facebook profile and well.. now your actual girlfriend has a great new picture post on her wall showing you kissing another girl.

Now is the time to defend yourself! Fight back any attacks against your privacy with NVISIBLE Security Glasses!

These sporty spectacles have an inconspicious antenna built into the nose bridge and it scans the location within a radius of 20m for the characteristic radio signature of Google Glasses. Detectimg them, your NVISBLE Security Glasses are automatically tinted dark within split seconds and no face recognition can take place. The tinted glasses have another advantage, you will always know there's someone close wearing those data sucking glasses, even though you don't really see them.

The NVISIBLE Security glasses contain ultra-light and high-quality rechargeable batteries making the glasses weigh only slightly more than ordinary specs. Continously used, the battery lasts for 48hours and can be easily recharged via USB.

Due to the technique built into the NVISIBLE Security Glasses it is not yet possible to order them as corrective glasses. A big sorry to all myopic and hyperopic people out there. Of course it's possible to wear our Glasses with contact lenses. Interesting to know, you can also use the NVISIBLE Security Glasses as sunglasses by simply pressing a button which then starts the tinting process. Sunny days are about to come! :)

NVISIBLE Security Glasses protect you from prying eyes of those wearing data collecting glasses and hinder them to gain access to your privacy. Of only half the price of Google Glasses you should now invest into your security!

Technical details

  • Required Batteries : A 570 mAh LiPol Akku is included and can be charged via USB
  • Dimensions : Front size: 137mm, glasses: 55mm x 26mm, nose trim: 17mm
  • Material : Frame: plastic, lenses: photochromatic plastic lenses
  • Weight : 50g
  • Included : Glasses 1x, pouch for storage 1x, USB cable 1x, power supply with USB output 1x