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Mini Video Recorder

The Mini Video Recorder is a complete video camera build into a small and almost invisible USB stick.

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  • With this spy tool you can record videos unnoticed.
  • The camera is built into a USB stick, which you can easily put into the pocket of your shirt.

There are many situations in life where it would be good to have a video recording. Unfortunately, it is not very handy to bring a video camera with you all the time. That's where this Mini Video Recorder can help:

The Mini Video Recorder is a complete video camera build into a small and almost invisible USB stick. The stick is equipped with a useful holding clip, which is also used for the camera lense. That makes it possible to carry the stick in the pocket of your shirt while recording a video. Additionally to the video, the stick will also record sound. It's also really easy to use the stick: It is equipped with two buttons, one for starting and stopping the record and one for swiching the stick on and off.

The Mini Video Recorder needs a Micro SD card to save the recording, which is not included in the delivery. You can read the video file by using a Micro SD card reader or by plugging the stick to your USB port (the latter only works with Windows OS). The energy for the stick is supplied by an internal battery which can be charged using a USB port. The case of the stick is made from high-quality metal.

Here is the technical data of the stick in detail:

Video Resolution640x480 pixel
View angle58°
Video format3GP
Video file size2MB / min
Max. Micro SD size2 GB
Battery charging time2 hours