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Metallic Putty

This putty with metal parts sucks up magnets.

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  • Putty with metal parts.
  • Sucks up magnets.

Did you play with putty for hours and hours when you were a child? Then you will love this special Metallic Putty!

Normal putty is a great toy for building things and even for stress relief... but Metallic Putty is much more exciting! It has the geek factor, namely a metallic aspect to it that lets it interact with magnets in a fascinating and geeky fun way!

If you put a magnet onto the Metallic Putty, it gets sucked in immediately! The putty just wraps around the magnet, looking rather like those experiments with swarf in physics class at school. Remember?
It only took minutes until the magnet in the photos was sucked in by the putty!

As a bonus, the magnet you see in the photos is included in the package, meaning you can start playing right away ;) You’ll never guess just how ‘attracted’ you’ll be with Metallic Putty!

Technical details

  • Dimensions : Can: 8,5x8,5x2,5cm, magnet: 1x1x1cm