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Maths Clock

Each hour is encrypted with a math problem.

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  • The special feature of this wall clock is that each hour is encrypted with a math problem.
  • The solutions to the tasks correspond to the questions' clock numbers.

OK, you can admit it: Maths was your favourite subject at school and you just couldn't get enough of it, right? And even today you can solve maths problems 'around the clock' without breaking a sweat, yeah?
Well then, time to check out our Maths Clock – perfect for your wall at home or at the office.

Before you can tell the time, you have to solve a mathematical problem first: Some of the tasks are quite easy, like solving a binomial coefficient or a determinant, while others, like the Fourier transform, are more challenging.

But don't worry if in the middle of the night you're too sleepy to get it! In this case, simply think of a normal clock and of the time where the task is written – because the time is the solution. ;)

The Maths Clock uses precise and smooth quartz clockwork, while on the back you'll find a little space for hanging on the wall with a hook (not included).

Impress your friends and colleagues with your mathematical expertise by solving the problems written on the Maths Clock in front of their eyes with the greatest of ease – even if you don't have a clue what the signs and formulas actually mean… Knowledge is relative and so is time!

FYI: We also have a new Maths Clock 2.0 with at neat black-and-green Design :)

Technical details

  • Required Batteries : 1 * AA (not included)
  • Dimensions : 24,5cm diameter
  • Material : plastics