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Marble Roller Coaster

Demanding marble run assembly kit with loopings, shunting switches, see-saws and much more.

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  • Demanding Marble Run Construction Kit in three different levels of difficulty.
  • With loopings, narrow curves, steep downhill runs, shunting switches, see-saws and much more.

Did you used to love rolling marbles down a run when you were a kid? And watching them roll down and around and around…? Probably only made from coloured wood, but it would captivate you for hours, right? Ah, those days of simple, yet fascinating toys…

So get ready for this upgrade for grown-ups! Our fabulous Marble Roller Coaster - the ultimate challenge for every 'master builder' (!), and once erected, boy will those marbles be rolling!

The marbles don’t simply roll from top to bottom – oh, no! They pass through shunting switches and changes of direction again and again… And then there are the multiple loops, and, as if that’s not enough, they pass over see-saws, thrilling downhill runs and narrow curves… ending up in an elevator which transports the marbles back to the top… where they start their roller coaster journey all over again... Oh, yes!

The (did we mention 'fabulous'?!) Marble Roller Coaster comes to you as a complete construction kit. Apart from a pair of scissors or a cutter, you won't need any other tools. The assembling is not what we'd call 'easy', and does demand some time (several hours), care and patience, so we would recommend the product for ages 15 and over. But it's all the more satisfying when you're the one who’s built it :).

An illustrated instruction manual in English is enclosed, but of course you can also let you imagination run free and assemble the Marble Roller Coaster how you wish. As well as this, parts of other roller coasters can be combined with each other to create a giant marble run!

The Marble Roller Coaster is available in 3 different versions, which also means 3 different levels of difficulty:

Marble Roller Coaster: Small (Level 3):

length: 8 m
1 elevator
1 double loop
1 shunting switch
3 steel balls
construction and tuning time: 5 hours +
dimensions after setup: 70 x 33 x 21 cm
weight: 2.5 kg
required batteries: 1 x C (not included)
illustrated construction manual in English

Marble Roller Coaster: Medium (Level 5):

length: 16 m
1 elevator
1 loop
1 quadruple loop
1 big see-saw
2 small see-saws
2 shunting switches
5 steel balls
construction and setup time: 7 hours +
dimensions after setup: 97x44x28cm
weight: 3.5 kg
required batteries: 1 x C (not included)
illustrated construction manual in English

Marble Roller Coaster: Large (Level 7) (this one is quite challenging due to its setup time, but rewarding!):

length: 16m
3 elevators on 3 different levels
1 steep descent (100 cm)
tenfold loop
8 steel balls
construction and setup time: 12 hours +
dimensions setup: 103x78x52cm
weight: 3.2 kg
required batteries: 3 x C (not included)
illustrated construction manual in English

With the Marble Roller Coaster, you'll be perfectly equipped for those long winter evenings and rainy weekends – no boredom issues for you! The Marble Roller Coaster guarantees hours of fun during assembly and, of course, while playing with it. Once you have erected it, and had hours of fun 'testing' it (!), then you can invite your friends round to see this amazing marble run experience, and proclaim yourself the king of all marble runs! :)

Technical details

  • Material : plastic components and metallic bars

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