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Laserpod Galaxy

The Laserpod produces fascinating light effects which will turn every room into a cosy place.

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  • This small device projects fascinating light-effects on the ceiling.
  • Moving stars, laser clouds and other figures are created by lasers and coloured LEDs in a cristall.

You need a little bit more spirit in your room? You can achieve this and much more with the Laserpod Galaxy:

The Laserpod Galaxy is a little, shapely tool, which projects gigantic light-effects on your wall using laser, LEDs and the newest optical technology. You can watch moving stars, abstract laser clouds or many other, fascinating shapes. Additionally, you can plug some special glasses on the Laserpod and use it as a cosy light source. The effects are produced by lasers and colored LEDs, which rays are broken by a cristall.

The Laserpod Galaxy has been invented by the british light artist Chris Levine, who has also built light sculptures for the band Massive Attack or a hologram portrait of the Queen of England.

It's nearly impossible to show the fascination of the Laserpod on a picture, but once you have seen it you'll never switch it off again!

This is the new Galaxy version with blue, red and orange LEDs.

Dimensions of the Laserpod: about 10 to 27cm high (depending on which glass you use)
You can use the provided power supply or 3 AA batterys to power the Laserpod.
The base of the Laserpod is made out of stainless steel.

For even more impressive effects, order the Holography Lenses, too. The set consists of two different lenses, that can be attached to your Laserpod apart or together. Depending on the combination, the laser beam is refracted differently and creates new fantastic pictures on the ceiling of your room.

Technical details

  • Dimensions : Laserpod: 27cm high, Holography Lenses: 8cm in diameter
  • Power supply : By mains adaptor or batteries
  • Required Batteries : 3 * AA (not included)