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Knight Sword Umbrella

This extra large umbrella has the handle of a knight sword and a handy cover with carrying strap.

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  • Umbrella with the handle of a knight's sword.
  • Extra-large: opened more the 1m in diameter.
  • With handy cover including an adjustable carrying strap.

Bad weather literally raining on your parade? Not with the Knight Sword Umbrella! This extra-large umbrella protects you against mean rain-drop attacks. Instead of getting wet, you will enjoy a walk in the rain thanks to the special design of the Knight Sword Umbrella.

The Knight Sword Umbrella is a black walking-stick umbrella with a long handle that looks like that of a knight's sword. The umbrella is a high-quality product made of solid plastic, metal and fabric. The Knight Sword Umbrella opens automatically with a click of the button right above the handle.
The umbrella comes with a cover including an adjustable strap, so that you can easily carry it over your shoulder!

Don’t wait and take a walk in the rain with your new Knight Sword Umbrella.

Technical details

  • Dimensions : Closed: 95x8cm, opened: 95x105cm, lenght of the handle: 22cm