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Dumb-bell alarm clock

The 0,7kg heavy alarm clock only stops its alarm, if it's lifted 30 times.

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  • You have to lift this alarm clock for 30 times to stop the alarm.

This alarm clock can solve two common problems of the modern human: Getting up in time in the morning and staying in shape. The dumb-bell alarm clock only stops its alarm if you lift it 30 times, which will not only ensure that you are definitely awake but also train your muscles.

The alarm clock weighs about 0.7kg and displays the current time (12 hour mode and AM/PM display) on its built-in LCD display. The LCD display can always be illuminated by lifting the alarm clock. When the alarm sounds, you have to lift the dumb-bell 30 times to switch off the alarm. During this, the display shows the remaining lift ups. Additionally, it is also possible to set the clock into a normal mode where one lift up is enough to switch off the alarm.

Technical details

  • Dimensions : 17x7cm
  • Power supply : By battery
  • Required Batteries : 2 * AAA (not included)