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Zombie Apocalypse T-Shirt

It's just a matter of perspective... ;)

Zombie Apocalypse T-Shirt

It's just a matter of perspective... ;)

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Description: Zombie Apocalypse T-Shirt

The zombie apocalypse. The cataclysmic event that will erase our society, all class differences and most other things we've grown accustomed to. Among the hordes of the undead, the surviving humans will have to fight not only the zombies but other survivors, as well. Sounds terrible, right? Then why are you grinning like that?

Oh, right. You're wearing the Zombie Apocalypse T-Shirt. That explains things! While most people fear the walking dead, others are looking forward to recreating Dawn of the Dead, Shaun of the Dead and other movies in real life. Don't ask us what's so great about total anarchy, zombies and gangs of raiders. Looks like there truly is no accounting for taste ;).

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