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Your QR Code T-Shirt

Your own text coded into a QR code on a shirt!

Your QR Code T-Shirt

Your own text coded into a QR code on a shirt!

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Description: Your QR Code T-Shirt

Do you know QR Codes? QR Codes are two-dimensional barcodes that can be read by many modern cell phones. They can contain internet addresses or any other text. You can find a sample code on the picture to this product. Addtional information about QR Codes can be found at:


If you order this shirt, you can choose what should be coded into the QR Code on the shirt. The code used by us for this shirt can contain up to 62 characters, which can be chosen by you (also special characters like @,$ or ! are possible). Please enter the text you want us to use in the box just below the shirt in the shopping cart. and please don't forget that we can only put up to 62 characters into the code (including spaces and line breaks which count as one character). For example, a possible code would be your email address or your telephone number.

In order to make sure that the code can be read properly, you can only order this shirt in black.

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