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You read my shirt T-Shirt

Avoid social interactions with this T-shirt.

You read my shirt T-Shirt

Avoid social interactions with this T-shirt.

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Description: You read my shirt T-Shirt

Ugh! You've overcome your inhibitions and " title="left the house">left the house

And now this happens... The other creatures out there expect you to partake in something they call in–ver–action! Ugh Or even worse, they want you to join in with their tiny talk...! no, small talking... no, small speak... whatever it's called! *shiver*

We tried 'pretend first-person shooting' these creatures, but they didn't seem to know how to respond! –Not a single one fell down or anything! This real life game seems to be more of a strategy and a role playing game... Ugh! We have no idea why real life is so tricky and testing, but this nerve-racking social stuff needs to come to an end, – immediately!

A new shirt to the rescue! This shirt makes everyone aware that you're way too brilliant for such primitive things such as social interaction. What's more, you simply don't have the time, right? World domination is waiting!

We're outta here... "You've read my shirt. That's enough social interaction for one day."

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