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Without Engineers T-Shirt

Some things just have to be said...

Without Engineers T-Shirt

Some things just have to be said...

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Description: Without Engineers T-Shirt

According to several strategists from history, no plan will survive contact with the enemy. To a certain degree, this principle also applies to the vastly less martial world of science: No matter how good your theory is, until you test it under real-world conditions – it's just that: a theory.

The "Without Engineers" T-Shirt takes this one step further and boldly proclaims: Without engineers, science is just philosophy. Obviously, this controversial statement should be taken with a grain of salt. After all, especially in the natural sciences, many scientific breakthroughs were only made possible with the help of engineers. You know, the entire "applied science" stuff... It goes without saying that this does not apply once we leave the concept of positivism behind ;).

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