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WinXP Key T-Shirt

This key was probably used more than once to activate a product.

WinXP Key T-Shirt

This key was probably used more than once to activate a product.

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Description: WinXP Key T-Shirt

Fun fact: The Windows XP operating system was the first to use product activation keys to reduce software piracy. An activation by phone or online was demanded by the system sometime after the installation.

A personal activation key is something you should take good care of. The best way to remember it is by scribbling it onto the CD-ROM containing your backup copy of the operating system. Just to make sure you don't lose it, of course. ;) In case you do lose it, there are a number of helpful people out there on the internet who will provide you with additional serialz and warez should you need them. That was apparently something a big corporate company did. Legend has it, this company leaked the Devil's Own Windows XP VLK (volume license key) before the operating system itself got released on October 25th in 2001. This legendary key supposedly allowed Windows XP to run without being activated.

Letting go of one of the most popular operating systems was hard. When Microsoft ended the support for Windows XP on April 8th in 2014, not everyone managed to switch immediately to one of its successors. If you motto is Never change a running system, this might be just the shirt for you. :)

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