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USB Pet Rock

USB Pet Rock, desperately searching for a new home!

  • A rock with a USB cable - the perfect "pet" for every nerd.
  • Apart from the decorative effect, this gadget is without function.

USB Pet Rock

USB Pet Rock, desperately searching for a new home!

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Description: USB Pet Rock

  • A rock with a USB cable - the perfect "pet" for every nerd.
  • Apart from the decorative effect, this gadget is without function.

Maybe you recall that little earthquake the other day? So you might also know that a lot of cute little rocks have lost their connections to their families. Unfortunately, our warehouse isn't as big as our hearts, so we need your help...

Yes, we need YOU! We need responsible and affectionate people to give these cute little rocks a home! And not just for Christmas.

It would be awesome if you could care for two siblings, so your new Pet Rocks won't feel too lonely. But even if you decide to go for only one, it will be deeply appreciated!

Pet Rocks are care-free: They don't leave behind any small piles of rock poo, and you don't even have to feed them. Just plug in the USB infusion cable, and your little Pet Rock will be fed automatically (your Pet Rock can't become overweight or too thin, so don't worry. In fact, we'll bet that he/she will hardly change body shape!).

Pet Rock loves listening to you, and he loves to be taken to work! You can even use him as a weapon to protect yourself - he doesn't mind :). And if you cuddle him lots, he'll be totally happy.

Just to be on the safe side, we'll put your new little Pet Rock into a box with breathing holes and with some straw in there as well for comfort on the journey to your home.

Not sure you think you can take on this responsibility? Well, here are some FAQ to help you:
Q: What will my Pet Rock be like?
A: As with every being, each to its own. It's possible that your Pet Rock will turn out to be really lively and talk a lot, or that it's rather shy and quiet. In general, we can say the older Pet Rocks get, the calmer they become. They then like to be lazy and rest on their skin... er... crust.

Q: Is my Pet Rock able to think and feel? And what language does it speak?
A: Yes, it's able to think and feel – of course! It even gets depressed if you don't talk to it on a daily basis. And your Pet Rock is very clever – it can speak multiple languages (even Latin and Klingon!).

Q: Can I play games with my Pet Rock?
A: Oh yes, your Pet Rock loves games! He loves games like seeing who can out-stare the other, who can go the longest without speaking (well, only the adult Pet Rocks like this one) and 'who can live the longest?'

Q: Can I pull out the USB cable?
A: Well, Pet Rocks do have feelings, just like the rest of us. So how would you like it if someone pulled out your cable? Please remember, living with a Pet Rock isn't only about the fun – it's a lot of responsibility too! So please do always keep that in mind.

All joking and fun aside:
What we're offering here is indeed a simple rock with a USB cable. The rock can do absolutely nothing. Really, NOTHING.

But because of the idea, the great packaging and the presentation, Pet Rock makes for a fabulous and fun Christmas gift!

  • Need a stocking filler? Pet Rock loves stockings!
  • Want to give a joke gift? Pet Rock is the funniest little dude (or dudette, we can't really tell)!*
  • You're somebody's Secret Santa this year? Pet Rock will be the biggest surprise!
  • Can't find the gift for 'the person who has everything'? Well, it's a snowflake's bet he/she hasn't got a Pet Rock!
* Please note: We're unable to accept requests for specific gender Pet Rocks: a) It's just too hard to tell. b)... Oh come on! Are you serious?!!

Technical details
  • Material: 100% real, natural rock.
  • Operating System: Compatible with all kinds of operating systems.
  • Dimensions: Shape varies, due to natural origin - approx. 5x5x2cm.
  • Length of Cable: Ca. 70 cm.