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Slotherin T-Shirt

This house is ... more relaxed than the others.

Slotherin T-Shirt

This house is ... more relaxed than the others.

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Description: Slotherin T-Shirt

It seems odd that even in schools for wizardry and witchcraft, students learn to be extremely competitive. One would think that magic would eliminate the need to show off and beat others. No chance! Instead, lions, snakes, ravens and badgers fight over points and trophies and even invite other schools to participate in weird Hunger Games.

The Slotherin T-Shirt shows that things can be done differently. This house's heraldic animal, a cute sloth, does not care about points, grades or winning house cups. It just wants to relax and unwind.
Can you blame the Slotherins? After all, school is hard and can be extremely exhausting at times ...

This design was created by the talented Daniela Schreiter, aka Fuchskind. You can find her newest designs on her website and all of her t-shirt designs here.

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