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Remember desperately waiting for this one long Tetrimino, deciding about salvation or defeat? Then you also must be a real Tetris fan. Welcome :)


Tetris Merchandise at getDigital

Nothing is as persistent as the ear worm you get from Tetris. That is an indisputable truth. Stacking Tetris cubes began in 1984 and the tricky game didn't lose any of its fascination to this day, quite the contrary. Who knows where Nintendo would be today if this Russian miracle didn't exist. No other game has been copied or imitated as often, as the legendary computer game by Alexei Paschitnow. To many, the 90 degrees rotations, the acceleration of the dropping blocks, and the hectic planning, while the feed scurry manically to the mentioned music, became second nature like breathing or eating. And what is better than the feeling of triumph when four lines have been cleared at once and the unmistakable sound effect resounds?