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Shit just got real T-Shirt

Now it's really happened...

Shit just got real T-Shirt

Now it's really happened...

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Description: Shit just got real T-Shirt

A call, a dramatic camera pan and you realize: Shit just got real.

This doesn't only happen to DEA agents à la Bad Boys, it is a common risk on the Internet. Just remember the last time you got lost on a video-sharing website, staring at weird home videos. Or when you clicked an innocent title, only to learn cats already rule the world.

Here's the formula for everybody who still doubts:

If we suppose Shit is 1, then of course -1 is negative. So the result of the root would be an imaginary number, because roots from negative numbers can't result in a real number. But as there's no difference between the square of a negative and a positive number, Shit gets real again. ;)

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