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Serotonin T-Shirt

The key to happiness? This t-shirt!

Serotonin T-Shirt

The key to happiness? This t-shirt!

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Description: Serotonin T-Shirt

Even though the neurotransmitter serotonin is involved in a multitude of complex processes within the human body, people tend to call it the "happiness hormone". Whereas happiness is a highly subjective and unscientific term, it's easy to see why it got stuck in the collective memory: Serotonin influences the body temperature, some emotions, appetite, the overall mood and the state of mind. If all these things are in order, one can definitely call this "happiness", right?

No matter whether the word "serotonin" simply reminds you of happiness or whether you actually work on neurotransmitters, the serotonin molecule on the Serotonin T-Shirt will definitely make you happy! It's too early in our study to determine why, but we think it might have something to do with the reward system and the "I want that" factor ;).

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