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Run IE T-Shirt

The spirit is willing, but the browser is weak.

Run IE T-Shirt

The spirit is willing, but the browser is weak.

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Description: Run IE T-Shirt

Who remembers the good old times when you had to choose between Internet and talking on the phone? The Dial-up connection needed the modem and everybody who called just got to hear the busy signal. Of course, there wasn't really an alternative to Internet Explorer those days...(AOL maybe...).

Today, Internet Explorer is ignored most of the time and only used to download another browser. But we should appreciate its virtues! Even if it was slow and the progress bar felt like a never ending story, you got to the requested page eventually. Maybe.

Therefore here's an appeal to all the noobs in the world of sports and body modification: it's not about being the fastest, the best, or the most beautiful...the main thing is to run! Even if you are slower than Internet Explorer on a 90s dial up connection. That would be an achievement, too ;)

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