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As an online retailer, you have long known that ‘nerdy' decorative and household items are a big trend on the Internet. That's why our in-house developments are always a useful addition to your shop - regardless of whether the focus of your product range is on computers, science, toys, trend items, promotional items and gifts or household items.

Benefit from our experience and our quick service:

  • 1. create Account
  • 2. Send information via e-mail to info@getDigital.de that proves your reseller status (such as a copy of your business registration)
  • 3. We will activate your account, usually within 24 h

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Our strengths:

  • Innovative: 3-6 new items per week!
  • We are authentic, with more than 74,000 fans on Facebook
  • We have known the market for more than 15 years!

Benefits for online retailers:

  • Fast shipping: Delivery within Central Europe in 1-5 days
  • Quick start: We provide descriptions and photos for all our items
  • Friendly support: Our service team responds to each RMA within 24 hours
  • Simple data exchange: Order online via file import or receive all of our items as a .csv file
  • Fair and attractive reseller prices

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David Kania

Phone: +49 (0) 431 22 18 00-61
eMail: info@getDigital.de>

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