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Welcome to the getDigital wholesale trade of the Stern & Schatz Ltd

You are on the website of one of the best-known German distributors and manufacturers of merchandise, decoration, household goods and clothing for the target group of nerds and geeks. Pop culture and fantasy are just as much a part of our hobby as science and computer science.

Our range includes not only the most interesting facets of pop culture, but also fascinating products from the worlds of science and computer science. From retro science fiction to current scientific achievements, we offer a wide range of items to pique the interest of merchandising fans, science enthusiasts and technology lovers alike. Our in-house designed shirts and products range from inspirational quotes from famous scientists to clever gadgets that embrace new and classic trends alike.

Our in-house developments are in line with the trend TV and print media. are advertised with attractive contributions and enrich everyday life in an entertaining and intelligent way. For you as a retailer, this results in particularly attractive sales opportunities: You can complement your range sensibly and creatively and rely on stable end consumer prices, long-term availability and unique product designs. This allows you to tap into additional sales potential. Surprise your customers with new and unusual items!

We have created a special portfolio for each platform - just click on your area of interest:

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