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Porg Kebab

One Porg kebab, please… And make it extra spicy!

Porg Kebab

One Porg kebab, please… And make it extra spicy!

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Description: Porg Kebab

  • Material: 100% cotton

In Episode 1337 of the "Intergalactic Cookbook", we'll take a look at the most popular dish among Wookiees. No, dear reader, it's not Chicken Wings. And neither is it Pizza Tatooine. No, our survey has shown that 64 per cent of all interviewed Wookiees prefer eating Porg Kebab!

On the "Porg Kebab" T-Shirt, you can see a Wookiee preparing this savoury dish. First, you need to impale one of the birdlike creatures on a spit and roast it. Afterwards, you slice it into thin strips and place those on a flatbread. Simply add tomatoes, onions, salad and sauces to your liking – now you can enjoy the best Porg kebab outside of Kashyyyk! Dig in!