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Pikapotter T-Shirt

The pride of Shockwarts!

Pikapotter T-Shirt

The pride of Shockwarts!

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Description: Pikapotter T-Shirt

With a few noticeable exceptions, the universes of most video games, movies, books and other media rarely cross into each other’s domains. And that’s a shame! A good crossover or mash-up can actually have a lot of potential – or just be funny as hell.

This Pikapotter T-Shirt depicts a mash-up we definitely want to become a reality. Somehow, the small pocket monster has managed to get accepted into Hogwarts and is now happily sending lightning bolts into the air. And the best thing, the scar actually fits the characters like a glove! Now, we only have to decide on the monsters that get to play Hermione, Ron and the rest of the gang :).

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