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Passt T-Shirt

The printer's and designer's cross hairs.

Passt T-Shirt

The printer's and designer's cross hairs.

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Description: Passt T-Shirt

The nightmare of every printer and designer: The (coloured) picture looks gorgeous on the monitor, but when printed, the colours don't line up right! They're blurred and bleary...

Annoying! Someone must have forgotten to check the printing registration...

Of course, the colours are supposed to lie directly on top of each other. According to the motto: this will fit somehow like you'll see it on our Passt Shirt ;).

We're sorry but this shirt is available in German only... with "Passt" meaning "It fits". But whichever language, the image is what this shirt is all about :) On demand, we can also only print the cross and leave out the word.

So keep the hair cross in mind – front and centre :)

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