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Terms and Conditions of the affiliate program

1. Object

1.1 Object of this contract is the participation in the getDigital partner-programme of the Stern & Schatz GbR (subsequently called getDigital). The partner-programme allows the remuneration of recommendations of customers for the mail-order shop getDigital

2. The affiliates obligations

2.1 When the partner promotes getDigital on an internet page, he has to keep to following commitments:

2.1.1 The partner guarantees that he will not promote getDigital on pages whose contents are against morality or law, particularly including the presentation of violence, sexually salacious pictures as well as discriminating, offending or aspersing statements regarding race, gender, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age.

2.1.2 The partner affirms that the content of the page on which he promotes getDigital does not violate the rights of any third parties, including particularly patent-, copy-, trademark- or any other commercial rights.

2.1.3 The partner guarantees that getDigital will not be promoted on websites whose target it is to promote coupons.

2.2 We particularly point out that commercial emails may only be sent to addressees who have specifically authorised the reception beforehand.

2.3 In the case that their advertising activity causes demands of a third party, the partner commits to release getDigital from any demands and from any costs resulting of their defence.

2.4 If not especially agreed upon otherwise, the partner is not allowed to use the partner links when he already got paid otherwise (for example by giving him prices for a lottery).

2.5 The partner is not allowed to use SEM campaigns (Google Adwords). Additionally, any techniques to generate false visit cookies are prohibited (cookie dropping).

3. getDigitals obligations

3.1 getDigital pays for every successful arranged order 16% of the gross order value (excluding mailing expenses and VAT). A mail order counts as successful when the customer arrives via a link with quoted partner-ID of the partner at the page of getDigital or when he keys in the partners partner-ID by himself during the order transaction. When the customer has arrived via link, a cookie that is valid for 30 days is stored on their computer. A mail order only counts as succesfully arranged, when this cookie is still existing during the order transaction. getDigital will only delete this cookie ahead of time, when the customer was referred by another partner in the meantime. Additionally, a mail order only counts as succesfully arranged when the customer received the order, has paid the bill and did not cancel the order. getDigital will immediately assign the commission when we receive the order, but will discount it after the event when the order turns out to be not successful.

3.2 getDigital provides a secured area for the partner in which he can see the hitherto commission.

3.3 getDigital keeps his mail order available at least for 97% of a year.

3.4 getDigital collects the provisions until the partner requests the payout.

4. Cancellation of the contract

4.1 This contract can be cancelled at any time by either side with immediate effect. The cancellation must be in written form.

5. Autonomy of the contractual partners

5.1 getDigital and the partner are independent parties. This contract does not establish a conjoint company or community and also no employer-employee relationship or agency agreement. Neither getDigital nor its partner are authorised to act in the name of the other partner or to execute declarations in their name.

6. Data protection

6.1 According to section 28 of the Bundesdatenschutzgesetz (BDSG) we inform you that the necessary data for handling our business transactions are processed and stored by an EDP unit according to section 33 (BDSG). Personal data will of course be handled confidentially.

7. Legal Venue

7.1 Place of execution for all commitments and legal venue for all differences resulting from the contractual relationship is Kiel, as far as the contractual partner is a merchant or a juristic person of the public law. The contractual relationship underlies the right of the Federal Republic of Germany.

8. Safeguarding clause

8.1 If a clause from these conditions is effectless, the effectiveness of the other conditions remains intact.

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