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No Go T-Shirt

"I wanna be the very..." No! #NoGo! Some people use their phone for things beside Pokémon Go!

No Go T-Shirt

"I wanna be the very..." No! #NoGo! Some people use their phone for things beside Pokémon Go!

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Description: No Go T-Shirt

Over the last couple of months, a fascinating phenomenon has taken over the world... No not the wonderful US election...

Have you noticed how formerly empty parks and other public areas are now filled with hundreds of people fixated on the screens of their phones...? And they only move from time to time... and in weird patterns...

A normal bystander might think it's a spontaneous zombie apocalypse, but in reality things are much worse... Yep, guess who's back...

Pokémon is back!

Anyone who thought that the little creatures with the weird names and even weirder appearances died out in the early 2000s has clearly been proven wrong. Thanks to the extremely popular app Pokémon Go, the hunt for the digital pests has been moved from one's own four walls into the real world. The media has eagerly taken up stories like "Pokémon Go player walks into a tree" or "Family re-united after 20 years thanks to Pokémon Go" (really??). Innocent bystanders, meanwhile, are frequently welcomed into the world of monster hunting with questions like "Did you manage to catch anything?" or "Hey, which team are you on?", even if they only wanted to write a text or look up the time. Well, this has to stop!

If, like us, you're one of the few people who don't scour the cities for new monsters to catch ,– you can let everyone know with this t-shirt. The printed slogan and the hashtag #NoGo! should tell even the most die-hard monster hunter that YOU ARE JUST USING YOUR PHONE and that you don't bl*#dy care about Charmander, Squirtle and their companions! Aargh!!!

Unfortunately, it looks like this craze is gonna last a while since only 151 of the apparent 9000 Pokémon are available in the app. Maybe it's a good idea to consider becoming a Buddhist monk after all...

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