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LED Shoelaces

Really glowing shoelaces!

  • Laces which really glow via LED.
  • Three light modes: permanent, fast and slow flashing.

LED Shoelaces

Really glowing shoelaces!

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Description: LED Shoelaces

  • Laces which really glow via LED.
  • Three light modes: permanent, fast and slow flashing.

Everyone wears shoes, but shoes with funky and futuristic LED Shoelaces...? Don't worry! We just popped back from the future with this rather funky and futuristic-like technology!

Thanks to their length of 80cm, the LED Shoelaces will fit onto nearly all shoes and can also be shortened using normal scissors if required. The lighting is, fortunately, not the product of a secret radioactive substance, but simply works with LEDs integrated into a main switch and a small lithium ion battery.

After you tie the laces on your shoe, simply connect the ends to the main switch. There's a little button so you can toggle through the three modes of permanent flashing, fast flashing, slow flashing or you can turn off the lighting completely. In flashing mode, the battery lasts about 70 hours and can easily be replaced.

A few words about the light intensity: The effect is obviously best at night, as, depending on the surrounding daylight, the flashing can't always been seen well during the day.

Some creative ideas* for how you can use you LED Shoelaces: - As a enhancement or replacement for the light show in your disco! - Wear them visiting a festival, so your friends can easily find you when you fall asleep in the mud! - While jogging in the evening or at night!

*Other, more sensible, ideas are also possible!

Technical details
  • Dimensions: Length: 80cm
  • Required Batteries: CR2032 button cell (already included)
  • Content: 2 pieces each so that it fits for a pair of shoes