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What makes working with us so cool?

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We at getDigital don't just want to become any kind of Nerd Shop, we aim to become the best Nerd Shop in Europe, offering the coolest gadgets with top-quality service and living nerd culture both inside and out. This is only possible with highly motivated employees, who give their best in every situation and push us forward with their ideas and commitment. We expect to have people on board that are highly motivated and dedicated, that's why we provide opportunities for professional and personal development, a large amount of responsibility, and a great working environment. We operate in very flat hierarchies with an informal atmosphere and take the personal requests of our employees into consideration. But that's not all:

  • We maintain an open and direct working environment, which means that superiors take critique and comments seriously.
  • A performance review meeting is held twice a year, in which we review past performance and define common objectives for the future, of course taking the employee's wishes into consideration. This conversation includes an evaluation of the superior by the employee.
  • Every employee receives a bonus payment that is linked to the success of the company.
  • A trusted employee is elected once a year. They have the job of supporting employees in case any problems or questions arise concerning work, with the aim of reaching an agreement between two parties.
  • To the extent permitted by the job, flexible working hours are possible, and you even have the opportunity to work from home.
  • We always make an effort to fulfill the personal requests of employees.
  • We agree to pay the fees for trade union membership.
  • We offer free drinks, coffee and fruit.
  • We provide a financial grant for sports clubs and fitness clubs
  • We offer a company pension scheme (inclusive grant).
  • With the exception of interns, trainees and other special cases, we offer a minimum wage of 10EUR/h
  • We have a great team atmosphere, which is why we arrange activities outside the workplace to strengthen team spirit and enjoy each other's company.
  • Working in our company means enjoying the atmosphere. Our aim is to provide a great working environment so that you will appreciate your workplace. Of course you will be challenged intensely with a high degree of responsibility in your work field, so you will never get bored. New challenges in a young and dynamic team will be inclusive in your work.