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I will not fix your computer T-Shirt

This is a statement to all of your friends.

I will not fix your computer T-Shirt

This is a statement to all of your friends.

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Description: I will not fix your computer T-Shirt

There are too many newbies around. If you do not want to answer dumb questions or deinstall AOL for the 10th time, then you may want to buy this t-shirt.

For your personal amusement, we are collecting the dumbest newbee sayings. Just send yours here.

1. How can you remove this table in Excel, so that I can write my letter?

2. We need something to download programmes with, just like Winzip.

3. My modem makes these funny sounds during dial-up...

4. I don't have internet access, I have AOL...

5. We don't need DSL, our graphics cards cannot display that.

6. Maybe the router is the reason for the teacher's PC being so slow? (Maybe one should just close three of the four MS PowerPoint sessions....?)

7. Can I download movies from the internet with my new CD writer?

8. What kind of computer do you have? - Windows 98

9. I only have 512MBs of RAM. But UT2004 needs 5.5 GBs. Where am I supposed to install that?

10. What kind of browser do you have? - I have T-Online DSL.

11. The computer crashed so often, that I thought there might be a defective fuse. Therefore, I changed the red fuse (we think he is talking about the voltage selector) on the back of the PC. Then it made a big bang, and now the computer isn't working anymore!

12. My computer is broken. Come and fix it instantly, otherwise I'll claim damages!!! The computer makes noise, but the TV is black. (The monitor was simply turned off)

13. What kind of PC do you have? --Windows XP. --Then click on Start.--There is no Start, just an apple...

14. When I type in my password, I only see stars. I think my keyboard is broken.

15. Help, my CD-Rom drive is broken! It doesn't read my CD!

(It was a DVD. A CD-Rom drive cannot read that!). 16. I sent my prints 10 times, paid for them 10 times, but still I don't see them coming out of the printer! (2 printers available, next to each other. Seems too hard to spot which printer actually prints ...)

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