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I tried it at home T-Shirt

Behind every warning sign lies a very special story...

I tried it at home T-Shirt

Behind every warning sign lies a very special story...

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Description: I tried it at home T-Shirt

Some things are just bound to get overlooked: patient information leaflets, terms & services and the warning "Do not try this at home". We can say from experience that all these things exist for a reason. Still, unwanted interactions between medications… cell-phone contracts you can only cancel when you are jumping in squares across the Mongolian-Manchurian steppe under a full moon – these things just suck, trust us!

And the thing with the trying at home... well, see for yourself: The "I tried it at home" T-Shirt clearly shows what could happen if you repeat an experiment you've seen on TV or on the internet: you could spontaneously go up in flames and be forced to run around with flailing arms!
But seriously, please be careful when you attempt to do dangerous things at home – five minutes of fame on the internet is not worth risking limbs or lives. Just get this t-shirt instead ;).

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