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Glow Your Own Luminous Paint

Let any item glow with this paint.

  • Fluorescent paint: Lets items glow.

Glow Your Own Luminous Paint

Let any item glow with this paint.

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Description: Glow Your Own Luminous Paint

  • Fluorescent paint: Lets items glow.

This product offers endless possibilities; we just don't know where to start!

Let's start with something useful first: How about emergency glow-in-the-dark arrows on the floor and the walls to find your way out during power blackouts and other disasters? Just as Sheldon Cooper did in The Roommate Transmogrification. (Although we don't approve painting a fish!)

But pretty much anything else not alive and that isn't meant for eating can be illuminated... For example, anything you want to find in the dark, like light switches, bell buttons, keys, remote controls... Imagine hands and cyphers of a clock with glowing paint!

Is all this just too pragmatic for you? Well, for all you Halloween fans, this is the perfect product to enhance your scary goods. Check out the first example on our photos with the glowing Cat Skeleton Candle. We're sure you'll create something even scarier, maybe a glowing Zombie Garden Gnome for the front of your house?

The application of the Luminous Paint is really easy thanks to the attached brush. Just like applying nail polish, in fact! To get the painted item to glow, you need to expose it to sunlight, artificial UV light, or black light for a short time.

So... what would you like to make glow...?

Technical details
  • Capacity: 20ml.: