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When you are looking for the perfect gift for handicraft enthusiasts, tinkerers and other guys who like to build things on their own, you will surely find it on this page. We have a pretty wide selection of useful tools as well as assembly kits for robots and more that will make everyone happy who likes to screw and to solder.

You might know of someone who spends a lot of time in their garage or shed, pottering about and constantly tampering with gadgets etc? We like to call this curious lot tinkerers. If you?re searching for perfect gifts for tinkerers, then getDigital have got some great (and geeky) offers for you! How about buying them a tube of Sugru Mouldable Glue? This sticky substance will repair almost anything, so it?s ideal for the tinkerer who makes a hobby out of repairing and up-cycling things. Another fantastic item we have is the Utility Key, which has 6 handy functions, but is no bigger than a normal key! You?ll find a whole range of items on our pages for the fidgety tinkerers in your life!