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Gifts for introverts

One characteristic shared by many geeks seems to be that we are introverts. We don?t like the outdoors...(shudder!) and we don?t like interaction (unless it?s online, in which case we?re very sociable!). Sometimes, your fellow geeks need to inform everyone of their need to be left alone, and that?s where we step in! We have an amazing selection of nerdy T-Shirts available such as the classic ?Introverts Unite? T-Shirt, which includes the essential bullet points ?Separately? and ?In your own homes?. As well as our great introvert-themed T-Shirts, we stock a large amount of other gifts for introverts that warn people of our shy ways. These include the ?You Shall Not Pass? doormat, which also informs your visitor of your Lord of the Rings infatuation!