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Birthday Gifts

When your smartphone informs you in the nick of time about the upcoming birthday of your boyfriend, girlfriend, mother, friend, or colleague yet again, it's high time: A birthday present is needed quickly! In the course of a lifetime you spend an inordinate amount of time looking for ideas for birthday presents. Additionally, you want to come up with more than the hundreds of DVDs, the 8th pair of socks, or, in the worst case, an ironing board or a pressure cooker! We're all happiest with presents showing personality and pointing out that the giver went through the trouble of looking for something special for our day of glory. The price of the present isn't relevant. With our gift ideas for birthdays we show you on our site you are, at any rate, well-advised. They are creative, funny, interesting, useful, or romantic ? but one thing they are all: cool gadgets making every birthday girl or boy happy. And don't forget baking the birthday cake! But hands off the cake mixes from the supermarket, as they neutralise our presents' individuality and creativity. You could find yourself pretty damn quick in the drabness of birthday presents you tried to escape ;)