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getDigital Logo T-Shirt

The shirt for fans of our little shop :)

getDigital Logo T-Shirt

The shirt for fans of our little shop :)

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Description: getDigital Logo T-Shirt

Yes, we really believe that some people are interested in advertising us for free. Do you want to know how this crazy idea came to our mind? That's an easy question: We've seen how many people run around with t-shirts (and other clothes) that have big brand names like "Hilfiger" or "Esprit" printed on them and thought that there are probably some customers, like you, who would like to wear a really trendy brand like getDigital.de.

There is one big difference, though: We do not charge you more for advertising for us, but less: Our logo shirt only costs 4.95 EUR.

Dimensions (see the picture for an additional explanation):

Size S: Width (B) 49cm, Height 68cm

Size M: Width (B) 52cm, Height 69cm

Size L: Width (B) 56cm, Height 71cm

Size XL: Width (B) 57cm, Height (H) 77cm

Size XXL: Width (B) 65cm, Height (H) 78cm

Size XXXL: Width (B) 68cm, Height (H) 78cm