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Finding Ciri T-Shirt

Witchers, clown fish - where's the difference?

Finding Ciri T-Shirt

Witchers, clown fish - where's the difference?

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Description: Finding Ciri T-Shirt

Somehow, stories about parents looking for their offspring are always instant hits. Be it books, video games, movies or TV series: Lost children are a solid choice for every medium. As such, it’s no surprise that even the most avid viewers can get confused at times…

One example of such a mix-up can be seen on the “Finding Ciri” T-Shirt: Somebody has mashed up Geralt from the video game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Marlin from the Finding Nemo movies. The result is a pretty mean clown fish with white hair, scars and two swords on his back. One thing’s for sure: You don’t want to cross this ultimate dad! :D

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