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Facepalm T-Shirt

The ideal meme for every incident of intellectual failure.

Facepalm T-Shirt

The ideal meme for every incident of intellectual failure.

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Description: Facepalm T-Shirt

Do you know that feeling when people around you behave so silly that you just want to turn away in frustration or disgust? Well, now you don't need to risk damaging your precious eyes through excessive eye-rolling, as here's the perfect meme that gets the message across perfectly!

Captain Picard is the source of the facepalm meme, although the original scene (TNG 3x13) shows more frustration than ire. But it's so much better as the visual manifestation of a facepalm :).

We're pretty sure that you won't need too much time to find a suitable occasion for this shirt. Maybe next time when somebody explains that 1:3 = 1? Or says that he/she doesn't believe in dinosaurs?

We know you'll soon bump into someone who's getting on your nerves, but if not, just take a moment to remember all those embarrassing situations in your life - then you'll be sure to cringe!

Oh yes! It's time for a facepalm shirt ;).

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