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Sponsoring by getDigital

We're very happy to be able to sponsor a number of blogs, events, groups and much more every month! Would you like us to support you, too? No problem! Click on the button most relevant to you:

Sponsoring FAQ:

Who can be sponsored by us?

We consider ourselves part of the geek scene, and therefore we're interested in all kinds of geeky stuff: LAN Parties, Programming Competitions, Blogs, Barcamps, Fantasy or Anime Conventions and anything else related to these topics. From time to time, we also make exceptions when we think the event is worth it, e.g., we've sponsored kids' parties in the past, even though they didn't have a geeky theme. If you're unsure if your event is eligible, simply fill out one of the forms above, and we promise to respond to all enquiries.

No problem! Please, simply email us at info@getDigital.de and we'll see what we can do for you. Please try to keep your explanation concise, because we get loads of enquiries and have only a short time to make our decisions.

How long will I have to wait for an answer?

Please allow us about one week to respond.

Why was my request rejected?

We get loads of enquiries every day and, unfortunately, we can't accept them all. Please don't take it personally if your request does not receive a positive answer. We won't change our decisions once they're made, so please accept our initial response as final.