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Biohazard Mug

For your morning dose of zombie virus!

Biohazard Mug

For your morning dose of zombie virus!

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Description: Biohazard Mug

Actually, any cup from which you drink your morning coffee or tea should bear this warning symbol since the effects of the drink within are the same as with any zombie virus. Your dead limp body suddenly comes back to life! So why shouldn't you be honest and show that the content will raise you from the dead?

Or maybe you need to prevent cup theft in your office? Simply use this Biohazard Mug! and surely none of your colleagues will grab your cup if it looks so unhealthy and contagious!

Just one warning: this mug probably isn't suitable if you work in a secret lab researching dangerous pathogens!

Technical details
  • Care and maintenance: Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Liquid capacity: ca. 300ml
  • Material: Ceramic